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“I love the tremendous depth of concentration and great structure in Mountain Cabernet Sauvignons from the Napa Valley. I don’t think you can duplicate them anywhere else.”

ROBERT CRAIG Founder, and Vintner Emeritus

Elton Slone - President & CEO

Elton arrived in 2004 and spearheaded the overhaul and reinvestment of the farming, winemaking and sales structure at the Craig. Now a managing partner of the winery, he spends much of his time traveling around the country spreading the Craig word. Elton brings his passion for old world wines to the new world of Craig with a production philosophy based on site expression. An avid lover of wine, words and fun, this photo captures Elton in his natural habitat ... with a glass of wine and an audience of wine enthusiasts.

Robert & Lynn Craig - Founders (and enjoying semi-retirement!)

After spending more than three decades as a Napa Valley “mountain man” (alongside wife, Lynn, of course), Bob and Lynn are enjoying a relaxing semi-retirement. They now divide their time between Napa Valley, Arizona and whatever fabulous destination is on their travel calendar. Thankfully, we still see both of them often - in their new emeritus role at the winery. After all - what would a Robert Craig Winery party be without Bob and Lynn?

Stephen Tebb - Winemaker

Stephen joined the Craig team in 2008, and has continually raised the bar in the cellar. Working with the mountain vineyards requires vigilance: "While the valley floor is more uniform, mountain soils and exposures vary tremendously," Stephen shared. "We are out in each and every vine row - making decisions constantly." Stephen's goal is to find balance in the glass, a perfect interplay between fruit and tannin, acid and alcohol. "When unity is achieved, it's like a symphony." Well said, Stephen, Well said.

Jason Price - Assistant Winemaker

After working as a Chemist for 9 years, Jason opted out of laboratory confinement to roam freely in the winery cellar. Originally from Baltimore, Jason moved to California in 2009 to attend UC Davis. After graduation, Jason continued working in California, eventually joining the Craig Crew in July 2015. When not attending to the Craig wines, Jason can be found racking up miles running the streets and trails around the Valley, making far too much hard apple cider, and contemplating the performance of his hometown Baltimore sports franchises.

Adam Glatt - National Sales Director

On any given day, Adam can be found in Manhattan, Minnetonka or Monrovia - all on a quest to bring the Craig closer to you! Adam and Elton run a tight race to see who logs the  most airline miles. A certified sommelier, Adam certainly knows his stuff - but he doesn't take wine, or himself, too seriously! There is never a dull moment as Adam keeps top restaurants and fine wine shops across the country stocked with the Craig. So if you enjoy your Craig out and about - thank Adam. He's your man.

Carlos Mendez - Vineyard Manager

Carlos is the official winner in the "Longest Craiger" category. He began working with the Affinity Vineyard in 1995! Going on his 20th year working with the Craig vineyards, Carlos is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about his work. You'll find him in the vineyards morning, noon and night - whatever it takes to grow the finest Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in the Napa Valley. What Carlos does shows up in the glass.

Kiersten Bjorkman - Controller & Human Resources

Though Kiersten is in charge of the purse strings, you'll often see her coming out from behind the scenes (note fabulous photo here of Kiersten out in the vineyards - important accounting work to be done there! Someone's got to count all those grapes ... .) Kiersten joined the Craig team in 2006, and has managed the demanding financial responsibilities of an independent Napa Valley winery (a rarity these days) with remarkable good grace and aplomb. And - to boot - she's a lot of fun, too.

Rachel Miller - Director of Wine Clubs & Consumer Experience

Have you met Rachel? Well if you haven't, you're the only one! Rachel took the helm of our Cabernet Club back in 2004 (the same year Elton arrived) and she has officially reached her goal of giving our members the closest, most personal attention possible. Though she comes from a rural Mennonite farming background in Pennsylvania, Rachel is now a Napa gal through and through. Come to a Robert Craig event and you can join the circle of Rachel - she will find, meet, greet and charm you.

Lori Reed - Director of Retail Sales

Lori has worked with the Craig part time since 2011, and joined us full time in 2014, as Director of Retail Sales. She’s a mountain fruit girl, so the Craig is a perfect fit. A longtime fan of RC wines, and the process, you’ll enjoy your visits with her whether at the Tasting Salon or on the Mountain. Be ready to have some fun!
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