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Howell Mtn. Zinfandel

Just up the road from our Winery is the Black Sears Estate, where the vineyards have produced exceptional Zinfandels for 25+ years. Biodynamically farmed, the vineyard’s volcanic soils generate distinctively Howell Mountain Zinfandels with essence of black raspberry and mountain pepper.

What makes Howell Mountain such an ideal region in Napa Valley for Zinfandel?
First, the well-drained red, rocky volcanic soils cause vines to struggle for existence. This stress produces small, intensely flavored berries that are ideal building blocks for Zinfandel and Cabernet.

Zinfandel grapes also love warm weather, but too much heat can translate into high-acid, high-alcohol wines. Howell Mountain has the perfect combination of moderate days and warm summer nights to produce fruit with balanced acidity and sugar.

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